Exomage Bioactive Daily Remedy Boosting Ampoule, 4ea/box 


High performance skin rejuvenation ampoule with 10% of patented active ingredient, 10 Million ASC-EXOSOME™ particles in each ampoule.

Exomage Intensive Ion Cell System, 5set/ box


Cutting edge combination of the transdermal delivery Tissue X system and patented active ingredient ASC-EXOSOME™ designed to reverse the signs of aging and return to healthy, beautiful and younger-looking skin.

Exomage Instant Ion Cell System, 2 set/ box

Exomage Instant Ion Cell System fundamentally gets rid of blemishes and minimizes any skin concerns.


  • Contains 50+ active ingredients as well as hyaluronic acid, adenosine and ceramide which improve wrinkles and brighten skin tone, overall create beautiful looking skin.
  • Natural superfine-fiber mask

  • Empowering Mask with high concentration of ASC-EXOSOME™ delivers efficient ingredients that are contained in the Enriching Mask to instantly sink deep into your skin.
  • Iontophoresis creates micro-current flow on the face contour.

  • Liquid solution for ion cells activation of the empowering mask.

EXOMAGE™ Skincare Routine

Apply the exosome ampoule on the face thoroughly and pat softly for better absorption.

One ampoule (1ml) is for single use. 

Please, take the Enriching Mask out of the pouch . 

Then apply the mask and spread evenly onto your 

facial contours.  

Please take the Empowering Mask out of the pouch. Press the Activator firmly to drop the liquid on the back of two small white square boxes on the Empowering Mask until the liquid is fully absorbed into the two small white square boxes.

Please overlay the activated Empowering Mask on the Enriching Mask and pat with your fingers to make sure it attached tight.


Relax for 20-25minutes. Then remove the masks and gently massage any leftover into your skin.

Recommend putting on a moisturizer on your skin afterwards.


EXOMAGE™ Boosting Ampoule 4 Week Program

"Unprecedented Skin Regeneration and Anti-aging Effects"